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Eleanor the Weighted Elephant

Eleanor the Weighted Elephant

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Introducing Eleanor The Weighted Elephant - The Ultimate Sensory Toy for Kids!

Designed in Australia, Eleanor is perfect for all children, including our sensory and anxious friends. Backed by evidence-based research, Eleanor helps reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. 

  • Promotes calmness and encourages focus 
  • Boosts mood and fights back against stress
  • Supports autism symptoms and soothes feelings of panic, enhancing sleep 
  • Utilizes cold therapy for mental clarity and reduced inflammation
  • Offers heat therapy for healing and calming painful muscles

Eleanor is a therapeutic Elephant who is perfect for all children including our sensory and anxious friends.

She can be placed in the fridge for cold therapy, or heated for heat therapy and is lovingly infused with French lavender to encourage relaxation. Her soft texture and weighted body are perfect for reducing anxiety and improving sleep quality.

Backed by evidence-based research, Eleanor the Weighed Elephant focuses on Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS), which is a firm tactile sensory input that provides a Proprioceptive* response to the body. It simulates firm hugs and compression and motivates the release of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. This helps children to regulate their emotions when going to sleep or when they are feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

Eleanor and her five senses friends guide you with mindful tools. She shows you why your five senses matter and helps you to self-soothe. 

Please note that while Eleanor The Weighted Elephant is soft and cuddly, she is also a special toy that requires gentle care. To ensure her longevity and safety, we recommend that children handle Eleanor with care and that he is not subjected to rough play or washing. While we strive to create toys that are both durable and lovable, we cannot be held responsible for any damages that may occur due to improper use. Thank you for your understanding and for giving Eleanor the love and attention she deserves.


How To Heat and Cool Eleanor

Heat your Eleanor to:

Comfort, stay warm on cold nights, soothe muscles, joints and tension

Warming instructions:

500-750 W microwave maximum 60 seconds

800-1000 W microwave 30 seconds

Cool your Eleanor to:

Comfort hot nights, soothe bumps and bruises, enjoy the relaxing lavender scent

Cooling instructions:

Place on a clean surface or in a bag in the freezer or refrigerator for up to several hours to cool desired temperature



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