About Us

Little Haven Boutique is my little passion project! As a new mom, I found myself spending so much time searching for ethical, organic/sustainable, and purpose-driven brands for my little girl. I wanted to buy pieces that not only looked beautiful but also carried a deeper meaning, products I could wholeheartedly trust.

Opening a boutique has always been a dream, and it sort of just fell into my lap during those hours I spent searching for products for my daughter. I found that my style and values didn't seem to fit into a single boutique, I was sourcing from all over the place.

So, Little Haven came to life and we are so excited to share these amazing brands and products with everyone!

Every time you purchase from our boutique you're supporting a small business with an incredible backstory, a business committed to doing better in this world for our people & planet.

Fun Fact: Most of our brands are small women-owned businesses!


How we 'Give Back'

Giving back is a part of who we are. As a small business, we're dedicated to supporting the community that supports us! Each quarter, we'll choose a new organization to support, starting with the Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre. $1 from every product sold goes directly to them.

All of our shipping packaging is eco-friendly with compostable materials and recycled boxes.


What does 'Ethically Sourced' mean?

When companies are ethical, it means they are making choices that are guided by a deep consideration for the well-being of others, a commitment to honesty and transparency, and a dedication to sustainable and responsible practices.  They ensure their products and services are obtained in a way that upholds human rights, good working conditions, health and safety, and good business ethics. 


Why choose Organic and Sustainable products?

Gentle on Baby's Skin
Babies have delicate skin, sensitive to harsh chemicals and synthetic materials. Organic cotton is hypoallergenic and free from irritants, offering gentle care for baby's skin. Its breathability helps regulate body temperature, preventing overheating making it the best choice for baby clothes!

Durable and Sustainable
Organic cotton baby clothes are durable, unlike synthetic fabrics which are prone to wear and tear. They withstand frequent washing and wear, allowing you to pass them down to younger siblings or donate them, promoting sustainability and reducing waste.

So Cozy
Sustainable and organic materials are known for providing comfort. For instance, Organic cotton is softer and more breathable than conventional cotton, making it a cozy option for babies and kids. Another popular choice is bamboo, which is naturally hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking, helping to keep your baby cool and dry.

Better for the Planet
Using sustainable and organic materials for your little one is not only good for your baby's health, but it's also great for the environment. Conventional cotton farming is one of the most pesticide-intensive crops in the world. Using organic cotton supports sustainable farming practices that protect the soil and water from harmful chemicals. Sustainable materials, such as bamboo, are also eco-friendly options. They require less water and resources to produce, making them a more sustainable environmental choice.


Why we LOVE Purpose-Driven Brands:

We're all about supporting brands with a purpose. We believe in the power of products that not only look good but also do good. When a brand is driven by a meaningful mission, it resonates with us on a personal level. We love knowing that every purchase from our boutique contributes to something greater – whether it's promoting sustainability, ethical practices, or making a positive impact. It's not just about fashion; it's about supporting a community of purpose-driven brands that align with our values and make the world a little brighter.